The Evolution of the Financial Close: What Modern CFOs Need to Know

The financial close is arguably the most onerous, time-consuming, risk-laden, recurring process for finance teams. Monthly, quarterly, annually - timeliness and accuracy are paramount and most teams are still relying on legacy systems or Excel spreadsheets to complete the task. Modern CFOs know there’s a better way and are ready to evolve.

Kevin Crosby, COO at Fairfield Maxwell, Chris von Simson, VP and Research Director at Dresner Advisory and Co-Chair of the Real Business Intelligence Event, and Guy Menard, CMA-CPA, PMP, VP of Operations at Fluence discuss:

  • Key trends from the Dresner Financial Consolidation, Close, and Reporting Survey
  • Financial Consolidation Priorities - Beyond the Basics
  • The Evolution of Reporting Priorities
  • The Impact of Modern Technology on the Team

Don’t miss your chance to uncover actionable ways to modernize your approach to the close, gain greater confidence in the numbers, and create more efficiency across your team.

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