Agile Planning Starts with Closing Early


If you joined the first webinar in this series, you learned about the state of financial consolidation and FP&A software from two industry veterans. In this webinar, go a step further to look under the hood of a modern consolidation and planning solution. 

Financial planning and consolidation play a defining role in an organization’s ability to respond quickly to new market opportunities or threats. Agility for today’s companies depends on setting corporate targets or budgets, monitoring performance, and dynamically updating plans with speed, control, and confidence. 

Check out this on-demand webinar to hear from Fluence and Vena finance technology experts, and get a firsthand look at the kind of modern consolidation and planning solutions available today to keep pace with quickly changing markets and finance demands. Explore how unifying financial consolidation with FP&A capabilities leads directly to smarter, faster business decisions. Discover how you can benefit from modernizing your consolidation and planning, and how to pick the right technology to do it. 

Key takeaways from this webinar are how to:

  • Reduce your close, reporting, and audit times by 75% or more 
  • Give finance the power of self-serve financial, management and integrated reporting
  • Report audit-ready numbers to management, auditors, and other
  • Quickly add new acquisitions and other entities to your planning and consolidation process
  • Identify the most important features and benefits you need from a modern finance solution

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Want to shorten your close?

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