Financial Consolidation & Reporting: Getting the Roles Right


Is modernizing your financial consolidation and reporting on your agenda? Do you want to automate a manual process with multiple currencies, ERPs and countless spreadsheets? What about streamlining statutory or management reporting on timely, trusted actuals? That's only part of what global visual communications provider Kinly did in their modernization success story. And a key factor behind it was working with a software vendor and an expert advisor on consolidation and reporting technology. In this webinar, you'll learn from all three companies the roles they played throughout the customer journey to make the project such a success.‍

Join Kinly, cpmview, and Fluence to learn:

  • the value of involving a solution provider in any modernization project or major software purchase
  • how to find expert advisors and vendors who can work together effectively and deliver on your needs and expectations
  • essential roles for you as a customer to do your part effectively
  • proven guidance for vendors and solution providers to manage the customer relationship
  • essential roles required at major milestones, from defining business needs to implementation and customer success

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