Modern Accelerated Planning for an Early Close


No less than a dozen established vendors offer dedicated FP&A and Financial Close solutions today. From ERP modules to specialized CPM, account reconciliation, financial consolidation and reporting tools, designed for the needs of the midmarket customers. So why are you still enduring the errors, inefficiencies and pains of working manually?

Join two accounting solution veterans for an interactive fireside chat on the current state of modern FP&A and financial close software and what the future holds. Discover how the right solution can modernise and de-risk your most important finance processes and turn manual process pain into an economy of scale and customer value.

Hear John Power and Rishi Grover to learn:

  • Why over 80% of midmarket companies continue to use Excel, and why they need modern software more than ever
  • The accounting complexities shared by midmarket and enterprise companies, and the contrast in available solutions
  • The differentiated features and benefits shared by today's FP&A and financial close solutions, and what separates modern software from the rest of the pack
  • How to select the perfect FP&A, financial close and reporting software for your business

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